My Pepeha

LI:To write and say our pepeha

To help us get to know each other we had writtine our pepehas. This allows us to make connections and form frendship. I found this activity fun because I got to learn about my pepeha and my ancestors.


This week I had to plan a sleigh.

First I had to make my own sleigh on google drawigns. I had to trace my sleigh or use different tyopes of shapes to make the christmas sleigh. Then I had to lable the different materials to use to make a sleigh. some materials you can use are cardboard, felt, wooden sticks, paper, and glue.

Next I had to do my procedure where I had to add my materials im going to use and add steps on how to make a sliegh. I had to be really specific on what to write so that who ever wants to read it can make it.

Letter to santa

This week I had to write a letter to santa.

First I had to do paragraph 1 : Acknowledge the wellbeing of Santa, the reindeer, and the elves. Mention the well-being of Santa, the reindeer, and the elves. Convey excitement about Christmas and curiosity about the North Pole activities. Then I had to do paragraph 2 : Mention efforts to be good throughout the year. Provide specific examples of good behavior or helpful actions.

Next I had to write paragraph 3 where I had to write to santa what I want for christmas and list a short amount of words describeing what I want for christmas. Then I had to do paragraph 4 : Wish Santa and his team a joyful holiday season. Express hopes for happiness, kindness, and cheer for everyone.

Lastly I had to do the closing off : Sign off with a warm closing, such as “Merry Christmas” or “Lots of Love.” First name only.


This week for Athletics all of the classes did different activities.

First for LS1 We had to do discus. Discus is where someone holds a heavy disc in there hand whether there left or right handed. The point of the game was who ever through the fairest.

Next we moved onto shot put, shot put is basically where you would a 10 kg metal ball and have to through it but that’s not what all you have to do. You have to hold the ball with your fingers but not pale it’s called dirty fingers and clean plan. The main objective of shot put is to get the fairest just like discus.

Then my group did high jump. High jump is where the left and right side has to jump over different stages on levels to get higher and higher until you win. To win you need to get past 3 or 4 stages of high but if you get disqualified you are out of the game.

Lastly we had to do sprints. The junior classes did heats and the other classes did normal sprints and finals.



This week for summer learning journey I had to create a superhero.

First I had to go on the summer learning journey 2023 and make my own superhero. I had to look at what to do and what to add on my superhero. Then I had to make a google drawing and create my super hero.

Next I had to write a list of words to describe my superhero. I had to write what is special about my superhero and special abilities physical characteristcis, objects and tools that there carry.

Lastly I had to open an AI app called craiyon and use descriptive words to explan so that the Ai can generate the exact same thing as my superhero has.


This week I had to infer images.

First  for task 1 I had to look at the image and infer what is on it. I had to find a lot of detail that was in the image so I can answer the questions.

Next for task 2  I had to do creative writing where I had to put a title on the images and then write a story about it. Heres and example for the first image. “Daddy I don’t want to go to school wawawawawawa”,”MY precious little girl your the most precious thing in the word that really means to me”. Ava was crying in her dads arms wanting to go back home but she knew she had to go to school so she hugged her dad one more time and left.